7 Coolest Things Facebook Announced At Oculus Go Launch Event

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At its
fourth annual Oculus Connect conference, the Facebook-owned
Oculus announced a series of products to push Facebook’s
VR-focused strategy. With the new launches, Facebook is
looking to control the overall VR experience with the help of
onboard computation, which means no need for smartphones or PC.

At the conference, Facebook announced tons of new hardware and
future plans that could change the way VR is being perceived by
the consumers. Let’s take a look:

Oculus Connect 4 — Major Announcements

Oculus Go

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, at the event, launched a new
mobile headset named Oculus Go. It’s a standalone mobile
headset, which will work with all existing Gear VR titles,
that will allow the company to move away from its reliance on
smartphone makers like Samsung.

Called “the most accessible VR headset yet” by Zuckerberg,
Oculus Go costs $199. This lightweight, wireless
gadget comes with WQHD LCD screen and spatial audio.
Oculus Go will launch in early 2018.

Rift Bundleoculus rift bundle

The company announced a permanent price cut on Rift and Touch
combo, dropping the same to $399 in the US. A Rift bundle comes
with Touch controllers, sensors, and six free apps. This
price cut will put Rift in a better position while competing
with competitors like HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality

Oculus for Businessoculus business

The conference also became a witness of the launch of Oculus
for Business, which is a professional Rift bundle for

An Oculus for Business bundle contains Rift, Oculus Touch
controllers, three sensors, and three facial interfaces. The
customers will also get dedicated customer support and extended
licenses. Oculus has already partnered with companies like
Audi, DHL, and Cisco to push VR into the business space.


oculus dash

Dash was one of the coolest things shown off at the event.
Oculus Dash is Rift’s new interface that has been built from
the ground up for Touch. It looks like a sci-fi movie-like
interface with windows floats in the air.

Facebook Venues

By next year, Facebook will launch a new VR app named Venues.
It will allow people to watch live concerts, sports, movie
premiers, etc. With this app, the company plans to bring a more
immersive experience to the users and compete with other
apps of similar nature.

Facebook 3D Posts

At the event, Facebook previewed 3D posts, which are a new kind
of News Feed posts. With their fingers and touch, users can
interact with the 3D objects, rotate them, and zoom.

Project Santa Cruz

Oculus also shared the recent updates to Project Santa Cruz,
which is a standalone VR headset the company showed off last
year. The latest prototype is sleeker and features fully
tracked controllers to enable hand presence in standalone form

Which of these announcements did you find most exciting? Don’t
forget to share your views and feedback.

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