BerryC8 – Launch Your Favorite Apps Straight from the Lock Screen

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BerryC8 is a dream come true to many iDevice owners. Apple and iOS in generally thinks it is unsafe to do anything tangible from the lock screen hence forcing developers and widgets to have you unlock the phone before launching any app. The BerryC8 jailbreak tweak seeks to give you a way around this – as long as you don’t mind someone launching apps without unlocking the phones.

berryC8 screen lock tweak

How Does BerryC8 Work

This simple tweaks lets you cram up to eight applications into your lock screen. You will only see four apps per lock screen and have to swipe left or right to access the remaining four. Launching apps on an unlocked phone is simple. All you have to do is tap on it.

Integrated Touch ID Support

The inbuilt Touch ID support makes BerryC8 work like a charm on Touch ID iDevices. Touch the app you want to launch and drag it towards the bottom of the screen exactly above the fingerprint scanner. Continue sliding your finger until it is above the scanner. Your phone will unlock and immediately launch the scanned app.

A passcode lock will prompt the user to enter the passcode before finally launching the selected app from the lock screen.

Configuring BerryC8

The settings panel is simple. You can enable or disable the app using the kill switch You can choose the apps to display on the lock screen here and choose the auto lock option if you haven’t enabled this on your device. Do not forget to tap the respring button to make the new configuration take place.

You can find the BerryC8 jailbreak tweak free at Cydia on the BigBoss repo. It works perfectly and will save the time you spend going to the app drawer to launch your commonly used apps after unlocking your smartphone.

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