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Easily Check your Uber Rating on your iPhone

Yes, just like you give rating to your Uber drivers, they also give you when you leave their car. Here’s how you can check your Uber profile rating, thanks to its latest version. For those who are still unfamiliar with Uber, it’s the World largest cab hailing service …

Check Apple Watch Battery Usage Stats Easily

Apple made its entry to smart watch market last year with Apple Watch. Surprisingly, like the other Apple products, the iWatch became a hit and had been purchased by millions around the globe.

Turn Off Automatic App Updates on iPhone SE

Apple took the veils off the all new iPhone SE on 21st March and it is amazing device. For all those users who have never liked iPhone 6 for its size, Apple released the original 4-inch iPhone similarly designed as iPhone 5S but with latest iPhone 6S hardware.

How to Set Alarm on Apple Watch

Waking up early in the morning at time is very important and for this reasons, alarms play very important role. Gone are the days when we used to buy alarm table watches and used to set alarms on that, that will then make a noisy tring tring like …

Easily Change iTunes on iPhone and iPad

Want to change the iTunes account on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and looking for tutorial? Look no further as you have landed on right one. Here we will discuss in details the steps required to shift or change your iTunes account on your iDevice running or …