Customize Low Battery Alerts on iPhone with BatteryFlow Cydia Tweak

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iOS has habit of giving notifications to users whenever battery goes below 20% and gives another notifications after 10%. Its good as we get to know that now its time to plug our iPhone or iPad to socket to get it charged, as iDevices comes without external batteries, so no option of spare battery etc.

Battery Flow Cydia Tweak to Customize Low Battery Alerts

Now if you have ever thought of customizing these notifications to your will, then say thank you to developer of new Cydia tweak known as BatteryFlow. What this tweak do is allow you customize or edit the low battery notifications/alerts on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running on iOS 8 or later (iOS 8.4).

BatteryFlow Customize Low Battery Alerts

When you are done with installing BatteryFlow cydia tweak, you can choose between the default pop up notifications or can select from banners which comes built-in with tweak. Want something new? Okay, you can try out custom text or message like funny joke etc instead of bored “battery low” text.

As for sound is concerned, you can set a sound or vibrate and can setup different power levels, on which you want to notified if battery level goes below that. Apart from customizing, you can even completely turn off the battery notifications on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch which is jailbroken using this tweak, if you are annoyed by these alerts.

Overall, BatteryFlow is good Cydia tweak if you want to customize the low battery notifications on your jailbroken iDevices. BatteryFlow is available in Cydia as free tweak.

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