Customize Quick Launch and Control Center Using FlipControlCenter

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FlipControlCenter is an awesome jailbreak tweak that gives you more control over your Control Center by letting you add different toggles and sometimes features to the top row of the Control Center. Couple this with the fact that FlipControlCenter lets you rearrange the positions of existing toggles and you get a perfect jailbreak tweak that will put your iDevice settings right onto your fingertips.

FlipControlCenter Gives Quick Access to Common Settings

The main idea behind FlipControlCenter is letting you organize and order the common quick launch options before adding more to the list. The common settings you will find in the Control Center will include:

  • Respring your smartphone
  • Enable the Auto Lock
  • VPN management
  • Vibration
  • Location services
  • Flashlight

There are more things you can add to the Control Center depending on what you want to control and add to your fingertip controls.

Rearrange the Positioning

The tap, hold, drag gesture makes it easy to reorganize your toggles fast. This will change the way they appear and give you the power to choose what is seen and what won’t appear on your Control Center. Disabling is as single as dragging the toggles you do not want to the disabled section.

FlipControlCenter also lets you choose how many toggles or quick launch options you want on each access page on your Control Center. The good thing is you get to choose a specific count for landscape mode and another for the portrait mode. This will give you more control over the controls you put on the dock and ensure that you keep your phone as functional and appealing as possible.

This is a great way to go if you are disappointed with the rather mundane and boring Control Center. FlipControlCenter gives you a ton of customization options that will definitely give you a unique and functional phone.

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