Customizing Your 3D Shortcut Menus With the Brevis Tweak

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If you are running 3D touch, whether on the natively supported iPhone 6s and 6s plus or by using the Cydia tweak that enables artificial force touch on older devices, you must have thought of making your 3D shortcut menus custom and more attractive. The Brevis tweak focuses on the detailed customization of all the 3D Touch menus you can access by force tapping home screen icons.

brevis tweak customization

What Can the Brevis Tweak Change?

The Brevis Tweak will change your font sizes, icon sizes and even remove the text from the menu items. Even though this is customization at its minimum, Brevis developer has promised to add more features in the upcoming updates. For now, you will just have to content with playing with the few simple options that in my opinion are more than enough to differentiate you from regular iOS users.

Other notable changes that the Brevis Tweak can accomplish is getting rid of the background blur that kicks in once the menu bar appears. This will make your menu more prominent. If you want it to stand out some more, you can turn on the highlighter. This will make things more vivid and lovely.

Removing the text from your 3D Touch menu might also sound boring. But trust me, it does a lot to the aesthetics. It won’t confuse you if you know your icons well. It will just de-clutter the menu and give you the power to make your icons bigger and fancier. If you like your text, you can play between the icon and font size to attain the perfect blend that will keep your context menu legible and usable.

The Brevis Tweak is available on Cydia for $1. If you don’t fancy paying anything for your tweaks, you might have to hang around till the tweak goes free. It will work on any jailbroken device using iOS 9 and above.

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