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Nowadays, the art of jailbreaking has been made as simple as possible and you only need to install Cydia with its default repos such as the Cydia BigBoss repo and it will work perfectly. During jailbreaking, it is always essential that you follow all the steps so that you may get all the repos you want. It is uncommon for people to jailbreak their phones only to find that a given repo is missing and it can get worse when that is the one they need so much.

As the largest of repositories found in Cydia, the BigBoss repo contains just about any app you might need and all tweaks that you have heard or never heard of in the Jailbreak world. We have featured quite a lot of them on this website and you can check them out.

If you have Jailbroken your phone but couldn’t find the Cydia BigBoss repo, you might be disappointed. The same is applicable if you accidentally deleted it and don’t know how to recover. If you are in any of these two situations, here is how to solve the issue.

How to Install Cydia BigBoss Repo in iOS 9

Please follow the steps below to install the Cydia BigBoss repo on your device.

  1. Tap on cydia to open the homepage
  2. Tap more package sources
  3. Wait for the screen to appear and tap on BigBoss (remember that there is a warning here indicating that you are doing this at your own risk.)
  4. Tap on OK on the pop up and the Big Boss repo will install. (give it a few seconds to download)

The above option can only apply if BigBoss is available on step 3, otherwise, if you can’t see the Cydia BigBoss repo here, follow the steps below.

  1. Tap to open Cydia
  2. Tap ‘Sources’
  3. Tap edit
  4. Tap add
  5. Type in
  6. Tap ‘add source’ in the pop up and Cydia will download and install.

By now, you should have Cydia BigBoss repo for iOS 9/9.0.1/9.0.2 installed and working perfectly. If you are getting error codes when you try to install this repo, simply restore your iPhone and jailbreak then try again. Remember to backup your data on iTunes prior to a restore.

If you face any issues during installation or have succeeded in installing it, please let us know!

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