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Facebook is the most popular social media network used by millions of people around the world. The company has been rolling out new features of late including the Messenger Chatbots, WhatsApp client for Mac and PC, and Reactions. However, one thing that many users need but Facebook is reluctant to introduce is the ability to download videos. However, with a new Jailbreak Tweak, FVideo, you can now download Facebook videos.

With FVideos, you can easily download Facebook videos from your timeline directly to the Camera Roll and access them anytime you need, even when you are offline. This app eliminates the hassles that Facebook users have had to go through which included using third-party websites just to get the videos to their iPhones.

How to Download Facebook Videos Using FVideo Jailbreak Tweak

Once you install FVideos in your Jailbroken iPhone, the app gets activated automatically. From here, you just have to launch the app and find a video that you would love to download. Just tap and hold the video and a popup will emerge asking you the quality you would want to download. FVideo just gives two options; HD and SD.

After you’ve decided on the video quality, a display bar with the download progress will show and once it completes, your video will be accessible from the Camera Roll feature of your iPhone. What makes this Jailbreak tweak even better is that once installed, it doesn’t need any further configuration to perform exceptionally well.

Despite its splendid performance during download, the FVideo has one setback that will irritate you. Everytime you want to forward a video, the moment you’ll tap on the playback scrubber FVideo will treat it as an attempt to download Facebook videos and will, therefore, display the popup. This makes it difficult to forward any video on Facebook.

My Take on FVideo Downloader for Facebook Videos

Aside from that particular problem, FVideo works pretty well and its performance is as good as it was advertised. I’d recommend you to download since at one point or another you might find that funny or informative video that you would like to watch again and again.

This tweak is available as a free package on the Cydia BigBoss repository and only works with the latest version of Facebook.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions about downloading Facebook videos with FVideo, feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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