Easily Check your Uber Rating on your iPhone

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Yes, just like you give rating to your Uber drivers, they also give you when you leave their car. Here’s how you can check your Uber profile rating, thanks to its latest version.

uber Rating isalmabad

For those who are still unfamiliar with Uber, it’s the World largest cab hailing service that allow you call its cab right from the comfort of your iPhone to the place you want or your current location. Once the cab is arrived, you can move to your destination and when you end the trip, you are not required to pay cash to the driver or Uber captain, rather it will be charged on your credit card on file.

So pretty good service it is, right? Recently Uber launched its services in Lahore, Pakistan and after playing with it, I am really impressed with the quality of tweak, as well as its hardware etc. Once you complete your trip, you will have to give the driver some rating based on your experience with him, however most of people don’t know that when you leave the cab, the driver is also given chance to give you rating and this is what our main concern is for which we are here to find a suitable solution.

Worry not, with recent update Uber team had pushed out, you can now easily check the rating of your Uber profile, how? Check the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open App Store and search for Uber app there.
  2. Download and install it, its free.
  3. Once Uber is installed, its icon will be thrown to the homepage. Launch it from there, and once launched, you will be asked to login with your previous account or create new.
  4. Do it according to onscreen instructions and that’s it.
  5. Go to help and then I want to see my Uber ratinng.

Let us know if there’s any issue and we will sort it out.

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