Force Close Unresponsive Apps on your Apple Watch

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Most of the time users get to situations when apps become unresponsive and stuck on your Apple Watch. Though mostly it is because of App issues but you have to force close unresponsive apps on your Apple watch.

Force Close Unresponsive Apps Apple Watch

On your iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, when any app become unresponsive, you simply touch press the home button to go multitasking and close it from there. However, this is not the case in Apple Watch as it comes with entire different and dedicated watchOS by Apple, that has totally different user interface i.e. UI and controls. So how to forcefully close the apps on your Apple Watch which causes it to stuck? Here we will guide you how to get rid of stuck or un-responsive apps on your Apple Watch to restore it back to its original condition so you can check times and perform other important things you used to do with your all-new Apple processor powered iWatch (as some people call it).

How to Force Close Unresponsive Apps on your Apple Watch

When your Apple Watch app is stuck, your watch won’t return to the homescreen, when you use the digital crown and it will remain stuck in that app. For that, follow these instructions:

  1. On your Apple watch, just press and then hold the side button.
  2. After few seconds, you will see the power off screen.
  3. From that, let go the side button.
  4. Again press and hold it until you are returned back to the homescreen.

That’s it. You have successfully force close unresponsive apps on your Apple Watch which was causing problems. Now again open it because at that time, it might have got into some issues which is not usual hence the problem you’ve just solved emerged. Let us know if you have any questions.

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