Get These Laptops With Intel ME Chip Disabled From Dell, System76, And Purism

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Intel ME
chip which recently became popular is giving sleepless nights to
the security community and PC users around the world.

Why? Because the vulnerabilities in the
Management Engine chip, running a closed source variant of
MINIX OS, can allow
attackers to take complete control of a system without the
users noticing.

What now? Several PC manufacturers have tried to take advantage
of the situation and made attempts to build user trust by
offering laptops with Intel ME chip disabled. Yes, probably the
chips can be disabled through a feature designed to leave the
management engine inoperable on machines purchased by
government bodies.

Dell Laptops With Intel ME chip disabled

The American PC manufacturer Dell is willing to disable the
vulnerable Intel chip on selected machines if the user is
willing to pay $20 fee (spotted by a Reddit user).

You can disable the chip on Dell’s New Latitude 14 Rugged
Laptop. Visit the product
 and choose “Intel vPro – ME Inoperable, custom
order” which will increase the bill amount by $20.92.

The other Dell machines include Latitude 15 E5570
 and Latitude 12 Rugged

Purism Laptops with Intel ME chip disabled

Purism was probably the first company to announce that their
Librem series laptops would come with the Management
Engine disabled out of the box. For the Laptops released
in the recent past, the company is providing the same via
software update. It was a little bit difficult for Purism as
their laptops run the open source firmware ‘coreboot’.

You can find Librem13 and Librem 15 shipping with ME firmware
disabled at this product page.

System76 Laptop with Intel ME chip disabled

Unlike Dell, System76 is offering to turn off the ME chip on
all of their new machines. In a blog post, the
company provides the list of all affected laptops.

They have released an open source tool which can be used to
disable ME chip on all of their laptops. Users can download the
tool from this GitHub page.

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