Google Releases Android 8.1 Oreo — Activates Pixel 2’s “Secret” Visual Core Chip

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shipping two developer previews, Google has finally pushed the
Android 8.1 Oreo release. In a blog post,
Google called it another important step in its AI-first mobile
platform for all users and devices.

Android 8.1 brings the Neural Networks API, which is hardware
accelerated machine learning runtime. It’ll support machine
learning capabilities in apps. As a result, the supported
devices can use this API to provide a base layer, higher-level,
machine learning framework for many use cases.

Pixel 2 is one of the first devices to ship with dedicated
machine learning chips named Pixel Visual Core. With Android
8.1 release, Google is turning this dormant chip ON for
everybody. It’s worth noting that phones without specialized
chips can take advantage of the new Neural Networks
API by running TensorFlow Lite and other AI frameworks

This release also includes several improvements to Autofill
Framework that developers can incorporate on their apps. Few
changes to notifications and other obvious fixes and security
improvements have also been made.

Android 8.1 also marks the release of Android Oreo (Go
Edition), which is a lightweight and specially crafted version
of the Android operating system for cheaper phones with less
than 1GB RAM.

The update to supported Pixel and Nexus devices will be rolled
out over the next week. Google says that it’s working with
smartphone OEMs to bring Android 8.1 to more number of devices.
The factory images for Pixel and
Nexus devices are also being made available.

Which Android version is your device running? Don’t forget to
share your views about the new release with us.

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