How to Bring Quick Compose and Quick Reply to Third-Party Messaging Apps

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If you are jealous of what you can do with the native iOS messaging app, you might have thought of bringing such messaging power to third party apps. Up to now, iOS doesn’t support this feature on the top messaging apps like Telegram, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Kik and Viber.


With this IMN jailbreak tweak, you can put most of the additional features to the third party making your messaging a whole lot easier.

What does IMN do?

IMN gives you utility features that makes chatting easier. The most notable features are the quick compose and quick reply capabilities. With these two, you won’t have to type mundane responses to obvious questions. You can choose one of the predetermined quick responses to get the job done.

This jailbreak will work hand in hand with Activator to deliver all the tweaks. For instance, you will need the Activator to run quick compose in your third-party messaging apps. This, however, isn’t mandatory since other features of IMN will work perfectly even without installing Activator.

IMN, like all jailbreak tweaks, brings the native functionality to third-party apps, something iOS is notorious in neglecting. Most of the times, iOS will just resign all the good features to its native apps or anything it deems fit for such awesomeness. The IMN developers thought otherwise.

The IMN app currently supports Facebook Messenger, Kik, LINE and GroupMe. It can also partially support Telegram by giving it the quick compose feature and will definitely be compatible with the default messaging app.

A creative and useful ‘Recent’ tab

IMN moves its customization a step further by creating a Recents tab in the Notification Center that will aggregate all the messages from all the compatible apps. This makes it very easy to respond to many messages at ago and also gives you a perfect way to keep track of a contact’s messages across multiple messaging apps.

If you are using KIK or LINE, you can access your chat history from the quick compose and quick reply interface. Hopefully, the developers will add support to other common messaging apps as time goes by.

If you are interested in the tweak, you will have to run jailbroken iOS 9 or later. You will get a 7-day trial. If you find it good enough, you can pay $0.89 for the license. Hopefully, the app will feature on our iOS apps gone free list one day.

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