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The classic grey keyboard on your iPhone is definitely boring. It’s common and there is nothing fancy about it. If you are looking for a way to soup things up, you find this jailbreak tweak with iKeys quite interesting. It lets you transform that grey and boring touch keyboard into something lively and fully interactive.

ikeys tweak

iKeys will do your regular customizations that change key colors and transparency. This forms the basis of the customization that will transform your texting into a fun experience. This will let you toy with the settings on your own and come up with something unique and attractive in case you don’t fancy the premade presets called Recipes.

Recipes make it faster and easier to create a custom keyboard build. It offers the perfect level of customization to anyone who is willing to spend time create awesome keyboards but isn’t willing to go the advanced way.

The Green Goblin option will let you go deeper and make better customizations off your own custom recipes.

iKeys has a free version and a pro version that goes at $3.5. The free version lets you subscribe for $1 a month of $10 a year to get in-app purchases that will make your customization tasks faster and simpler. The pro version offers more updates and an additional set of recipes that will help you achieve an amazing look the easy way.

The most amazing thing about iKeys is that it currently supports devices running iOS 8.1 through to iOS 9. The only catch is you will have to jailbreak your phone to accomplish this customization. The alternative would be learning how to install Cydia without jailbreaking.

The only problem could be there are other ways to accomplish what iKeys does without paying a cent. iKeys wins the contest because it gives you all the customization under one roof instead of having you use a combination of tweaks to accomplish the same look. Its simplicity and power makes it the perfect tool for anyone who wants the looks but doesn’t want to spend hours pouring over tutorials and tweaks on keyboard customization.

What do you think of iKeys. Would you install it and use the in-app purchases or better still use the limited free recipes or would you rather use a combination of other free apps and tweaks to the same effect? Let us know in the comments section below.

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