iPhone 6/6S/SE or Plus Getting Hot? Try These Tips to Fix This Issue

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Is your iPhone 5 or 4S,  or iPhone 6 overheating during charging or playing games? Try these tips to fix iPhone 6 Overheating issues.

Fix iPhone 6 Overheating

Most of use use different kind of screen protectors and other silicon protectors to protect our iPhones from scratches etc, after all we have spent lot of money to buy this gadget. Most of the people face different kind of keeping issues with their iPhone and iPad, mostly when the CPU is extremely used like playing a high GPU game or playing full HD videos.

While it is not damaging but if it is hot for continuous time, it might cause hardware issues so you really need to worry about your iPhone if it is continuously getting hot. Below we have shared some tips to help you fix the issues on your iPhone that might cause it to get hot.

How to Fix iPhone 6 Overheating Issues

Leave it on Rest for Few Minutes

Sometimes you have to fix iPhone 6 overheating is because its CPU is under heavy use for quite lot of time. Its good to give some rest to your iDevice at moment. For that, just leave it in idle/standby position for few minutes until it is cooled down.

Don’t Use it While Charging

Some people have habit of using their iPhone while it is being charged. This is not good practice and not recommend in any case. When the iPhone is getting charged, there is current passing through the battery due to which is already in heat. Using it in this case will heat it further.

Turn It Off for 5-10 Minutes

If your iPhone 6S Plus, 6S, SE or 4S is still heated after following the above tips, its time to turn it off for few minutes. This will hopefully fix iPhone 6 overheating issue. Let us know which tip have worked in your case or if you know any other method to cool the heated iPhone down, do share with us.

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