Kali Linux 2017.3 Brings New Hacking Tools — Download ISO And Torrent Files Here

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Kali Linux,
the leading ethical hacking operating
, is distributed and developed by Offensive Security.
In 2016, the developers decided to make a switch to the rolling
release model to make sure that Kali Linux is updated at regular

Combining all the latest updates, patches, fixes, and
improvements released in past few months, latest Kali Linux
2017.3 snapshot has been released.
Before this release, Kali Linux 2017.2 was
shipped in September.

Changes and new tools in Kali Linux 2017.3

The latest ISO is powered by the updated Linux kernel 4.13.10.
As a result of this, some of the significant changes are:

  • EXT4 directories can now contain 2 billion entries
  • TLS support built into the kernel
  • CIFS now uses SMB 3.0 by default

Before telling you about the new hacking tools included in
2017.3, let me tell you the existing packages that have been
updated. These packages include Veil 3.0, Reaver v1.6.3, Social
Engineering Toolkit v7.7.4, O-Saft 17.04.17, cuckoo 2.0.4,
Burpsuite v1.7.27, Pixiewps v1.3, and Ethtool.
Existing bugs in packages like Metasploit, Openvas 9,
Setoolkit, Nmap, Hydra, etc., have been resolved as well.

The newly added Kali tools are:

  • InSpy: Performs enumeration on LinkedIn and finds people on
    the basis of required criteria
  • CherryTree: A often-requested note-taking toolcherrytree new
  • Sublist3r: Enumerates subdomains across multiple sources at
    once. Thanks to integration with SubBrute, one can brute-force
    subdomains using a wordlist.
  • OSRFramework: A collection of scripts to enumerate users,
    domains, etc.
  • Massive Maltego Metamorphosis: A combination of Maltego and
    Casefilemaltego new

Updating your Kali installation

In case you have Kali Linux already installed on your computer,
you don’t need to download the new image and perform a clean
installation. Just run these commands and make your move to an
upgraded system:

Download Kali 2017.3 ISO and Torrent files

Just like all the previous releases, Kali Linux
2017.3’s 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available in the
form of standard ISO images, VirtualBox and VMware images, ARM
images, and cloud instances. You can download the HTTP
downloads and torrent files on Kali downloads page.

Are you going to upgrade your existing Kali installation? Don’t
forget to share your views and experiences with us.

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