Lightweight Distro Puppy Linux 7.5 “Xenialpup” Released — Download Now

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If you take
a look at our popular list of lightweight Linux distros, you’ll realize that
Puppy Linux has found a place near the top. Packaged in small
size, this Linux distro is known for its ability to be built
using the packages from other distros like Ubuntu and Slackware.
To help you revive your outdated machine, the developers of Puppy
Linux have shipped the latest release.

Puppy Linux 7.5 “Xenialpup”

Contrary to the new trend of ditching the support for 32-bit
architecture machines, Puppy Linux 7.5 is available in both
32-bit and 64-bit versions. It makes perfect sense as it’s
aimed at aging machines with low hardware specifications. While
32-bit version is based on 4.4.95-noPAE for better
compatibility, 64-bit version comes with 4.9.58 to provide
latest hardware support.

As this version is built using packages from Ubuntu 16.04
Xenial Xerus release, it’s codenamed “Xenialpup.” The ISO image
is just 330MB big, and it runs entirely in RAM.

The major components included in Puppy 7.5 are JWM window
manager, ROX file manager, Palemoon browser, and Claws
mail client. You also get applications for FTP, Torrent
and chat.

For multimedia playback, Puppy Linux 7.5 comes with MPV media
player, which is ranked #4 on our list of best media players for Linux. To satisfy the
audiophile in you, Deadbeef is included.

To help you install the most popular additional apps easily and
get the updates/bugfixes downloaded, there’s Quickpet utility.
Abiword word processor, Gnumeric spreadsheet program, and
Samba file sharing are also included.

Download Puppy Linux 7.5

As said above, you don’t need to install Puppy Linux on your
hard drive; it can be directly booted from CD, USB, SD
card, or network access. The conventional full installation
option is also included.

You can find the 32-bit and 63-bit ISO images on this page. Give this release a try
and share your experiences with us.

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for, do check out these popular lists of Linux distros and make
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