Microsoft’s true holographic display fits in your glasses

In Science

The tech giant has also tackled some problems with generating those holograms. Its team took advantage of eye-tracked rendering (that is, providing the most visual detail where you’re looking) and GPU-boosted algorithms to generate high-detail holograms in real time, complete with realistic focus and vision correction. You wouldn’t necessarily need a set of corrective eyewear to compensate for astigmatism or other eyesight issues.

Microsoft is quick to point out that this doesn’t necessarily hint at its hardware plans. It’s just as well — the tech still faces some serious limitations. Besides the necessity of external electronics, the glasses only produce a monoscopic picture. A stereoscopic image is another challenge altogether. If everything comes together, though, you could have a real holographic display that’s comfortable to wear all day long. Whether you’re a doctor, designer or gamer, you could plunge yourself into augmented reality without a bulky headset weighing you down.

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