Motion Stills – How to Turn Live Photos into GIFs

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iOS has no inbuilt way to turn your Live Photos into GIFs. This might be partly because sharing the photos is a bit hard, bearing in mind that iOS has no inbuilt way to convert all those photos into easy to share GIFs. With most of the third party apps being jailbreak tweaks or paid, people chose to keep off – until Google brought in Motion Stills.Motion Stills

Motion Stills is Simple and Effective

Setting up Motion Stills and using it is ridiculously simple. This gives it the great appeal and hype it will definitely get from the market. Moreover, since the application integrates the GIF creation with sharing them to friends, it will get a better footing in the modern day social era.

The entire load and wait procedure has a complex algorithm working in the background to ensure that the resulting GIF is as smooth and viewable as possible. Some of the GIF creators are known to make shaky images by dropping too many frames. Motion Stills will use advanced stabilization to iron out the stutters without making huge GIFs that are hard to share.

If you have a messaging app that supports in-conversation GIFs, you will find Motion Stills a better solution at sharing those moments that just can’t be captured in one still photo.

Additional features that makes this app quite impressive is the ability to loop GIFs or create complete movies by combining a variety of Motion Stills with a single swipe.

By fully integrating into the Live Photos gallery, Motion Stills will not only have unlimited access to the GIF making juice but also give you more command over your Live Photos that the native Photos app that only lets you see the live photos one by one or via a slideshow like auto play.

The great news is you will not have to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad to use this amazing app. Did I mention it is free on the App store?

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