PersonalAssistant 7 in 1 Jailbreak tweak transforms your Lock Screen

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Most of the Cydia jailbreak tweaks are just fun toys that will make your iPhone a better place to be at when bored. However, every now and then, a developer would drop an impressive tweak that takes customization to a whole new level by giving a set of solutions that will really make your phone more useful. I think PersonalAssistant belongs to the latter.


PersonalAssistant is a mega tweak that is allegedly a combination of seven super tweaks into one Swiss-knife interface that will give you absolute control over your phone.

What does the PersonalAssistant Tweak do?

The tweak is just but a clever way to see, process and digest the information that flows into your iPod touch, iPad or iPhone. Since the tweak suite works on both iOS9 and iOS devices, it is great news to anyone with a recent jailbreak on his or her phone.

The seven in one concept comes from the fact that it consists of seven individual tweaks, each of which is designed to interact with a different part of the iOS. They are Horlogium, Auxilium, Forecast, Phalanx, Boltix, Symphonia and Acutus.

The goal here is to modify the lock screen to turn it into an information-rich interface. If you don’t fancy your information on the lock screen, you can set PersonalAssistant to push all the information to the Notification center or one of the Spotlight sections of iOS.

If you push the information to the Lock Screen, you will be able to see and interact with your updates without unlocking the phone. The most notable information would be:

  • Upcoming reminders
  • Upcoming events
  • Notifications
  • Currently playing
  • Recently used apps
  • Battery information
  • The weather
  • Date and time

Tapping on any of these items will bring up an interface focused on managing the specific app. This could be battery manager or the application that launched the notification. Couple this with tones of customizations that dictate where the information is pushed and what kind of information it is and you get an amazing jailbreak tweak that will give you absolute control over your iOS device your way.


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