Possible future tweaks for jailbreak iOS 10.3 and iOS 10.3.1

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Latest updates on iOS 10.3.1

One week  after the  the major update of iOS 10.3 Apple has come with the idea of iOS 10.3.1 by surprising the Apple lovers around the globe. This version is going to come up with some enhanced features and providing complete solutions for issues in iOS 10.3. As this is an minor update for the last version 10.3 this has improved in security system and also it will available for bug fixes. This will also provide some answers to the WiFi flaws which can be seen in iOS 10.3 and many hope it will also find an answer to the dropping support for 32bit applications. When talking about the jailbreak possibility of this  latest version many hopes on TaiG team because they have only able to provide jailbreak solution for the iOS 8.4. So we can hope for complete jailbreak solution as TaiG iOS 10.3.1 in near future.

Are you ready for the upcoming jailbreak IOS 10.3?

Apple has released the third major update under the 10th beta series for the Public on 27th of March and since from that day the Apple lovers are searching for the possible ways and updates regarding the Jailbreak iOS 10.3.

Even though the possible and complete jailbreak solution for the iOS 10.3 is far away, now it seems that iOS lovers are dreaming for the possible features, apps and even tweaks for the upcoming jailbreak. So this article is an  strong stimulation for those  dreamers  who are waiting to see a next jailbreak update for iOS 10.3.


When talking about the current situation of the jailbreak status of iOS 10.3 still we couldn’t notice a positive sign from our beloved hackers. Todesco’s iOS 10- 10.2 with Yalu is still seems to be worked and stable for use.

According to its developers this tool can be used for the Cydia download as well but Yalu still does not support for the iOS 10.3 because it is not getting compatible with the versions above than 10.2.  So according to this situation jailbreak community has to wait some more period of time.

After 27th of March iOS 10.3 is available allowing testing for the developers and also for the public. They have come up with some major improved features such as My Airpod finder, SiRi cricket score improvements , Approaching to a new format of  revamping of files called APFS , new app widgets, dropped the 32bit apps, WiFi calling through iCloud and many Developer benefits.

The party installation app Cydia has  come up with the best tweaks for the iOS 10.0 and iOS 10.2 iOS versions such as :

CasualAlarm – it’s a free app to chane the alarm tones

MultiActions – is available for $1.49 for experience multiple actions

Littlemoji – is for free to get cool features to iMessage Emojis

AntennaGIFDL –is for free to  get  free GIF file to Camera

AutoLaunch – is for free  to re-launch any app automatically

which are available for free and also for a little amount of charge, and this has touched many hearts of the jailbreakers who are getting a huge benefits out of these tweaks by saving there valuable time.


According to some reliable sources Cydia has also trying to conigure and come up with some new tweaks ideas for the iOS 10.3 so we will promise you to update these newest and most advance tweaks with Cydia just after we are receiving the  updates on Jailbreak iOS 10.3.

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