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Camrix is here to help anyone who likes capturing all the hilarious or amazing moments on camera. If you are tired of having to navigate to the camera interface before taking a photo, you might have to consider Camrix, a jailbreak tweak from Cydia that lets you take photos or vide from anywhere. All you need is a shortcut gesture that will launch the camera in a small overview window without exiting your current app.
camrix camera jailbreak tweak

Camrix follows in the footsteps of QuickShoot but is different in that it lets you preview what you are shooting on your screen. The tiny overlay means that you can focus your camera accurately when using it in any other section of the iOS.

A Dedicated Activation for Camrix

The best thing about Camrix is you can activate the camera using a special gesture or activation method. It could be a physical key or just motion activation.

Double tapping on the Camrix interface will switch between your front and rear camera. If you want further tweaks, you can access other camera options using the available settings icon.

Perfect for Instantaneous Photos

If you have ever missed the opportunity to take an amazing photo or video because your camera took too long to launch, you understand the need for almost instantaneous photos. Choosing the right activation gesture will leave you with the simple of taping the Camrix preview area once to shoot a photo and tap+hold to shoot a video.

In addition to the utter simplicity and functionality, the developers went a step ahead to give customizations that will make this powerful jailbreak tweak work better for you.

You can change the preview area shape, appearance and define whether you want audio on your videos or not. This is just but a tip of all the features bundled in the settings options.

This camera jailbreak tweak is available from Cydia for $1.99

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