Robots Will Steal 800 Million Jobs In Next 13 Years: Report

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to a new report by
consultancy group McKinsey, as many as 800 million people will be
losing their jobs 2030 due to increasing automation and robotics
in different kinds of workplaces. The report is titled Jobs
lost, jobs gained: Workforce transitions in a time of automation

This is not surprising, given the fact that cars are driving
themselves, machines are reading human emotions and needs,
AI-powered algorithms are responding to customer needs, etc.
The report predicts that the most drastic change would be
noticed in everyday working lives.

The report predicts that restaurant workers and machine
operators are most likely to be replaced. On the other hand,
jobs of childcare workers, plumbers, and gardeners are the
safest ones.

Taking a glance at today’s automation in workplace, the report
found that the automation of 50% of our current work activities
is technically possible. If the adoption rate of automation is
at the fastest rate, by 2030, about 30% (800 million) of the
jobs will be automated.

As a result, about 14% workforce (375 million) will need to
switch to new kinds of jobs and learn new skills. If we
consider the bigger picture, China will be the most affected
country. If the adoption is rapid, about 100 million Chinese
workers will face challenges.

That’s not all. Increased automation will also cause an
increase in income inequality. Another prediction from the
report says that the middle-aged professionals will be the most
affected by the upcoming changes.

What are your views regarding this increasing automation in
workplace? Share your views and become a part of the

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