Set Different WhatsApp Notification Sound for Individual Contact or Group on iPhone

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Bored of WhatsApp notification sound on your iPhone? Here’s step by step tutorial to change the default message alert on your iPhone.

Set Different WhatsApp Notification Sound

If you own a smartphone, there are very less chances that you wouldn’t be aware of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is cross platform messaging services and it is the biggest one with over one billion active users.

Its popularity can be imagined from the fact that Facebook, the largest social networking site purchased it for hefty amount from its owners. If you use WhatsApp too often, then chances are you would be member of different groups and communicate with lot of your friends over there.

In such scenario, it will be great if you customize the Whatsapp notification sound for individual group or chat so you would know by the notification sound that who has just texted you.

How to Set Different WhatsApp Notification Sound for Individual Contact or Group on iPhone

Here’s we will guide you how to achieve this on your iPhone 6S Plus, 6S, iPhone 5S, SE, iPhone 5 and 4S.

  1. First of all launch the WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  2. From the list of active conversations, tap on any one for which you want to customize the Whatsapp notification sound.
  3. In the conversation window, tap on that recipient name or group name in case of group.
  4. A  new will open where you will see option “Custom Notifications” there.
  5. Tap on that and you will be taken to another window. There tap on Notification Sound.
  6. Now select from the list of notification sound for that particular contact or group.
  7. Once you have selected your desired tone, tap on Save button on top right and it will be saved.

Now whenever you receive message from that contact or in that group, the new notification sound will be played and you will recognize instantly whom texted you.

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