Steam’s streamlined indie marketplace goes live June 13th

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Per Steam’s
, Greenlight submissions have been closed and voting
has been disabled. The remaining 3,400-plus entries will be
reviewed by staff, but even those that don’t get Greenlit can
go through Direct’s approval process. On June 13th, Direct will
go live and developers can begin submitting their games.

Steam launched Greenlight to figure out which games players
would choose, but the process became pricey and prolonged, with
an uncertain
to release. Direct is intended to be a far more
predictable path to bringing games to market. New developers
only have to fill out digital paperwork including bank and tax
information to verify their identity. If they haven’t worked
with Steam before, the vetting process requires them to wait 30
days before submitting their first game. All titles require a
$100 registration fee, which is refunded should the game
surpass $1,000 in sales.

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