Streaming YouTube Audio on iPhone Without the Bothersome Ads

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If you like streaming your music, chances are that you’ve encountered YouTube or SoundCloud. SoundCloud isn’t so bad, but YouTube could sometimes be a mess. It consumes too much bandwidth and is full of annoying ads. Couple this with the pace at which it consumes the battery and you find yourself looking for a way to stream YouTube video without ads. VOX is the app you are looking for.

vox player

VOX doesn’t call for a paid subscription like Spotify or Apple Music. You even won’t have to download or transfer any songs. It’s all about streaming. Even though the app normally goes for $3.99, the developers take it free every now and then. That is how I got my copy.

If you run Mac, you might be well-conversant with VOX as the next best replacement to iTunes. The iOS version follows the Mac app layout and functionality. It will let you add your SoundCloud account or subscribe to VOX’s $9.99 a month service that comes with unlimited cloud storage for your high-quality music.

Well, honestly, the cloud storage thing doesn’t concern me. All we want is to stream songs from YouTube without wasting power or keeping the YouTube app running on the foreground.

VOX supports everything you need to convert YouTube into your personal virtual playlist. You will enjoy what matters most in music – the audio without those distracting ads. It can even accomplish what YouTube app fails so miserably at – playing in the background.

For guys who want to download their music for offline use, I am afraid VOX will let you down on this. It doesn’t support downloads for reasons we all know too well.

The controls could be confusing

VOX has an amazing UI, but everything about it almost ends there. For instance, there are no tabs or back buttons for navigation. You will have to swipe up or down to navigate. Swiping up takes you deeper into the app while swiping down is like activating the back button.

The Library

VOX’s music library combines the songs you’ve added from YouTube, SoundCloud and what is stored in your phone. You can organize your songs into collections (what normal people call playlists) to make your enormous music library more manageable.

Bottom line

VOX might look weird, but it is stable, reliable and soft on your data plan. You will have to hold on for a couple of days to get used to it. At the end of the day, you’ll be glad you did.

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