The best way to install Cydia option Zestia on iOS without jailbreak

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The best way to install Cydia option Zestia on iOS without jailbreak

vid iOS jailbreak fans are in for some great news as they could now enjoy Cydia-like experience using Zestia (aka X-Cydia) without actually jailbreaking their device. With Apple continuously patching up all known jailbreak exploits in its following iOS upgrades, the jailbreak community is forced to search for alternate means of experiencing Cydia programs and the Zestia is a much better choice than using the bare-minimal stock iOS.

Here is the entire step by step guide to install Zestia and sense the semi-jailbreak type of encounter on your iPhone or iPad:

Measure 1: Open the URL: on your iOS device via the Safari browser and hit Install Zestia button as depicted in the screenshot below.


Measure 2: Then hit Install on the Profile page and enter your security PIN when prompted.

Measure 3: Tap on Install button a few times more and hit Done.

Measure 4: Now hit the Home button and a new Zestia icon should appear on the Home display. Just tap on the icon to establish Zestia.

Measure 5: You can now select the app you want to install and follow the onscreen instructions to finish the setup.

Measure 6: Open the Settings program and then select General “>> Profile and eventually choose the name of the program you just installed.

Measure 7: Now select the Trust alternative then pick the actions to be again confirmed by Trust.

Measure 8: You can now start your freshly downloaded program.

That is it. Now you can explore plenty of exclusive apps on Zestia, that may never be available via App Store.

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