TinyPlayer Lite – Control Your Music Without Launching Control Center

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The normal way to accessing your music control when using different apps is by launching the Control Center and choosing media playback controls. It’s the cumbersome way when you try some multitasking that involves listening to music. TinyPlayer Lite offers an impressive jailbreak tweak that gives a floating music widget that will stick by you no matter what app you’ve got running.

tiny player light

TinyPlayer Lite’s widgets floats anywhere within iOS and you can drag it around the screen for strategic placement. The widget will show you the name and artist on the current song whilst giving you the basic play, pause and next functionality. You can even share the song to a friend via Twitter or Facebook without even launching media playback controls.

If you are afraid that the floating widget could block the screen whilst multitasking, you will find its transparency quite useful as you can still see most of the detail on anything displayed beneath the widget.

Intuitive Gesture Controls

Tap gestures make controls faster and simpler to anyone who doesn’t have the time to pinpoint the next and previous buttons. Double tapping the widget will skip to next while a triple tap will take you a step up the playlist. Tapping and holding toggles the widget’s light and dark themes.

Launching the music widget can be done via an Activator gesture that you get to choose in the app’s preferences pane.

TinyPlayer Lite Works With All Music Players

The widget connects to the stock music app or third-party players like SoundCloud, Deezer and Spotify. Currently, you will get rudimentary functionality from TinyPlayer Lite. For instance, you won’t be able to adjust playback volume or adjust your equalizer settings via the widget.

These will hopefully trickle in with subsequent builds or be part of the pro version that will definitely come out in the near future.

You’ll Need Cydia to Install TinyPlayerLite

TinyPlayer Lite will work on any iOS9 build. The app is free at the jailbreak app heaven, Cydia BigBoss repo, and is an absolutely stunning trick to anyone who is bold enough to jailbreak his or her iPhone.

The great news is iPhone users running iOS 9.3 might not have to downgrade their OS to enjoy this jailbreak tweak. All they have to do is lay their hands on the Pangu iOS 9.3 jailbreak. The alternative to jailbreaking would be the lengthy process that lets you install a working version of Cydia on iOS without jailbreak.


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