Top Three (Free) iOS Ad Blocker Apps You Should be Using

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iOS ad blocker apps are a great way to ensuring convenience when browsing the web or using apps on your iDevice. Even though iOS has its own inbuilt ad blocking, you can always make sure that you don’t get those annoying ads that could also be malware by running some of the best iOS ad blockers available for your iPhone or your iPad without jailbreaking.

iOS ad blocker


1Blocker is a powerful free ad blocker that boots with your phone giving you 360 degrees protection from the word go. Couple this with the smooth iCloud Sync support that lets you store and restore from your customer ad blocker rules and you get the perfect tool that will work for you no matter how many times you change your device.

Notable features include hiding page elements containing adverts, blocking cookies from specific sites and whitelisting good websites. It comes bundled with 28,000 ad blocker rules to make configuration simpler.

Mozilla’s Focus Free iOS Ad Blocker

Focus is from Mozilla, a reputable browser developer with a huge worldwide trust score. It is solid and reliable. You will get a blacklist approach to ad blocking and the power to block more than ads. You can use it to block analytics trackers, web fonts, social trackers and other types of content. This makes it a perfect cleaning tool for anyone who wants no ads or tracking.


Adguard comes with its own filter list making it a great off-the-box iOS ad blocker. You can also extend its functionality by connecting to services like Fanboys Annoyances or Malware Domains to block most of the ads, from banners to popups. It will also let you apply regional filters to ensure that you don’t end up landing on foreign language websites that add no value to your life.

Why Use iOS Ad Blocker Apps

iOS ad blockers will make your life smooth and less miserable. A great deal of the websites online make money by displaying ads. There are those who do it responsibly and in a non-obtrusive manner. It is your right to decide which site or platform offers you a good ad experience and block those who spam you with adverts.

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