Using RevealMenu to Give Older iOS Devices 3D Touch Quick Actions

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RevealMenu is a great way install 3D-touch simulations on older iDevices that do not support force touch off the box. This jailbreak tweak works on iOS 9 and above and seems to simulate what other packages like Forcy and QuickCenter.

RevealMenu 3D touch style activation

Unlike the rest of the bunch, RevealMenu has some additional functionality and efficiency that makes it smoother and more efficient than its competitors do.

Tap and Hold to Launch RevealMenu

All you have to do is tap and hold any icon on the Home Screen and you will view its 3D touch menu. Sliding your finger down will help you select any of the menus without lifting your finger off the screen. This lets you reveal and select all your options in one fluid motion.

On traditional devices, tapping and holding an icon would launch the jiggle or edit mode. To avoid confusion, RevealMenu lets you swipe up the app icon to activate this feature. It doesn’t matter whether the icon’s 3D-style touch menu is open or not. The icon will go into edit mode.

The greatest thing about RevealMenu is you don’t have to do any complex configuration after installing it from Cydia. All you have to do is respring your device and start tapping and holding on app icons at the home screen to launch the 3D touch-style menu.

While Forcy is definitely the darling to many, RevealMenu’s robust reliability makes it a worthy contender who for some reason feels like they need an alternative to Forcy. The compatibility with a wide variety of devices and utter simplicity makes it a great alternative to anyone who doesn’t want to spend hours customizing a hoard of setting before they can begin enjoying 3D touch-style menu.

You can download your copy now at Cydia and begin and begin enjoying your updated iDevice. This tweak must run on a iDevice running jailbroken iOS 9.

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