Using SmartPass to Bypass the Passcode Screen on Your Jailbroken iPhone

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Passcodes are a delight to privacy activists. They ensure that only the authorized people can gain access to your device. This makes it an amazing feature that will mostly work to your advantage. They can, however, be tedious and pointless when you are in your comfort zone. Entering the passcode while in your house or your personal office could be a nuisance. SmartPass seeks to uproot this redundancy by giving you a smarter way to unlock your phone.

This tweak is not like adding 3D touch controls to the control center or changing your lock screen. It is a functional trick that works in the background silently.


This $1 jailbreak tweak from CP Digital Darkroom removes the password requirement if your phone meets a set of situations. You can choose whatever situation you want to use to your advantage.

The most common trigger is a trusted Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Your iPhone will stay unlocked as long as it is connected to the whitelisted network.

Even though you will still have to swipe to unlock even when connected to the network, you won’t have to go through the pain of entering the passcode or scanning your fingerprint to access the phone. This will let you use your phone just as if it had no passcode in the first place.

SmartPass is Not a New Idea

SmartPass might be familiar as it mimics the functionality of a former tweak, CleverPin, that is yet to get it’s iOS 9 update. This means that it could receive the same scoff or enthusiasm CleverPin received from Cydia tweak enthusiasts a while back.

Most people think that using a network to unlock a phone undermines the true purpose of a passcode. If your phone is running the app, all someone has to do is be in the vicinity of your whitelisted network and all your secrets will be gone.

Imagine what would have become of the New York drug trafficking case and Rizwan Farook’s shooting case if the two suspects had this tweak in place. SmartPass is a great way to secure your phone against all the random people in your life.

You should, however, only use it if you don’t mind the possibility of someone connecting to your home network to unlock your phone without your permission.

SmartPass also has a couple of other unlock options other than Bluetooth and Wi-Fi whitelists. You can choose to bypass the lock screen whenever on Airplane mode, when you plug in your phone to charge or when you have some music playing in the background.


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