Using Your Apple Watch to the Fullest – Enter the Activity App

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Most Apple Watch owners keep on complaining that the watch is just a miniature and cumbersome version of the phone. While this could be true to some extent, you will only feel inconvenienced if you are using the watch for the wrong purpose. It is perfect for simple but useful things like the Activity App or as an ever-present alarm system.

activity app

The Apple Watch is an extremely personal gadget. It lives on your wrist, senses you every motion, reads your heartbeat and keeps you up to date about everything you do in a day. In my opinion, this is the recipe for something that shouldn’t try to replace your phone or just make it easier to make your phone. It is the perfect gadget to monitor your activity and give you actionable analysis reports throughout the day.

That is why I think installing the Activity App would be a great way to begin enjoying your Apple Watch.

What does the Activity App do?

The activity app is all about monitoring your daily activity and giving you warnings when you are leading an unhealthy lifestyle. It gives you three interfaces that monitor how much calories you burn, how long you take some brisk exercise like walking and if you actually stand up from your seat as often as it is healthy.

The red move ring

Swiping across the screen gives you a red move screen that gives you a summary of how many calories you’ve spend in a day. You will have the total amount so far and your target. The ring will slowly fill up as you burn more and calories in a day. Since the app sets new goals every week, it will help you get fit and healthier over time without spending hours at the gym.

Brisk exercise ring

The Activity App will also take note of how much you’ve done in a day. Brisk walking and any activity that burns more calories will register here. Anything that counts as exercise will contribute to your daily goal. This is mostly 30 minutes in a day.

The stand ring

Every exercise begins with standing up. Nobody knows this better than the Activity App. It will remind you to stand up after every hour during the day. You will accomplish your target when you stand at least 12 times during the day.

The Apple Watch is a great tool to anyone who is conscious of his or her health but can’t just get the hours to sweat it out at the gym. Using the Activity App will make you feel the true benefits of the watch faster than when you struggle to read your texts off the tiny screen.

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