WRIO – The New iPhone Keyboard that Claims to Boost Typing Speed

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The QWERTY keyboard has been around for ages. Even though it is efficient, many people have come up with ideas on a different keyboard layout that will make typing faster especially on touchscreen keyboards. WRIO is one such solution that makes use of honeycomb buttons. The hexagon shaped keys fit into your thumb and the two centrally placed space bars are easier to use.WRIO keyboard

WRIO says its keyboard layout will improve the typing speed by up to 70 percent. The question is, does it?

What I think of WRIO

WRIO isn’t as revolutionary as its design change. Yes, the new orientation of the spacebars and punctuation makes thumbing more natural. This will exponentially increase typing speed and comfort. However, the fact that you still have to hold down a key to get some punctuation marks slows down things.

The most lovable thing about this new keyboard is the intuitive shortcuts. Swiping up a letter, for instance, turns that letter into uppercase. Swiping to the left will activate the sidebar input immediately after that letter. These simple additions make the keyboard more intuitive and interesting to use than what you might be used to.

The only problem I spied is that you won’t get any spell check. This is partly due to the fact that Apple never allows third-party apps near their in-built dictionary and that bundling a third-party app with a complete dictionary will result in a big and perhaps buggy app.

In my opinion, WRIO is a nice attempt at making your typing life a bit different. It’s design is perfect for the small screen your iPhone offers you. Currently, the $2.99 price tag is a bit high bearing in mind that it doesn’t support iPad or offer any spell check.

I, however, believe that WRIO would be a great solution in the near future – if the developers give it strategic and functional updates.

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